Saturday, February 15, 2014

Summer in the Middle of Winter

Heidi's Garden, 8"x10" Oil - Sold

One of the great things about being an artist is being able to create images that remind you of warmer weather. Living in Wisconsin, it gets really cold (we're talking -20 degrees with a -45 degree windchill on bad days) and you begin to think winter will never end. This little painting was started in August when it was hot, humid and required a thorough coating of bug spray to stand outside to paint. I painted for about three hours and quit when the elements and bugs became too much. Had most of the elements in but still some details to add. A couple of weeks ago I pulled this out to finish it and as I painted, I could feel the warmth of the sun and inhale the flower's fragrance.

1 comment:

  1. It's funny how annoying the elements of summer can be...until it's winter. This is a beautiful painting and looks like a garden at it's very best. Heidi is very lucky and so is whoever gets to hang this in their house!