Monday, July 21, 2014

Furry and Feathered "Helpers"

I live on a partial hobby farm. It's partial because the only farm animals we have are chickens and turkeys. I think we should have a cow, horse, pigs, goats, or sheep to make it an "official" hobby farm. We also have two cats and two dogs. (I like animals.) They're great to have around except when I'm trying to paint or photograph paintings outside.
  My painting backpack makes a comfortable resting spot. The cat's contribution is leaving a furry interior that needs a thorough cleaning before I can use it again.

 This is "Turk" who thinks he should be living in the house with the rest of the humans. He's flown onto my open painting box a couple of times causing havoc as I try to save the painting from his feathers. Here, he's simply showing off.

This looks like a perfectly innocent cat ignoring a painting, but a few seconds before he was rubbing his body against it leaving static-charged hairs. He also knocked a couple of paintings off the stand. If you look to the left of the painting, there's a tall sidelight window by the door. Peeking through the window is one of the dogs.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Painting Sequence - Red Hollyhocks

One of my favorite things to see on an artist's blog are photos that shows how he/she created a painting. Here's a recent 16 x 20 oil painting of hollyhocks.

I toned my canvas with Cadmium Lemon Yellow acrylic paint. The gessoed board is from Richeson and acrylic primed. If your canvas is oil primed, don't use acrylic paint over it because the two don't adhere to each other. The general shapes were drawn with Rembrandt's red oxide oil paint. I painted the hollyhocks first because I wanted them to be the focus of the painting and make sure that the composition was interesting.

The leaves have a blue cast to them so I used a blue-gray mix to block in the leaf groupings and then added warmer greens to give them definition.

The leaves are starting to take shape. Added darker values in the flowers.

Pine trees are in the background but I wanted to keep the focus on the flowers so the background shapes were simplified into patterns of color and value. 

Added highlights to the flowers and continued developing the painting. 

Red Hollyhocks, 16 x 20, oil on board

At the end of the painting, I toned down the background greens and added variety to the gray/purple areas to give it depth and interest. This painting was a joy to paint with its bright colors and big brush strokes.
*The painting was in a Floral Show at the Richeson School of Art and Gallery and received an honorable mention.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

August Plein Air...continued

This is the beautiful home that we stayed in during the event. We each gave the hosts a painting to thank them for their generosity.

"Let's Party" 6x8 oil
From the nocturne competition. The house had a long string of colorful Chinese lanterns hanging off the front porch which gave it a festive atmosphere.

"Where the Road Goes" 16x20 oil.

The event concluded with paintings for sale/exhibit. Satisfied with having 10 paintings to show for my efforts.
It was a great learning experience and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Let the Summer Insanity Begin...

It's amusing to hear about summer reading lists, places to vacation, and comments about "kicking back"  during the summer months. For me, it's high anxiety time and this year is no exception. However, I wouldn't have it any other way. Summer means lots of plein air painting, art events, and running kids to soccer practices and theater classes.
This year, the craziness began in early May with the 10-day Augusta, Missouri plein air competition/event. Each day was a new competition at a specific location which ended with one artist receiving a purchase prize award of $500. There were 150 artists participating in some or all of the days. I was one of the crazy ones who participated every day. It was awesome! All the artists were friendly even though we were competing for prizes, the event was well organized, and I had a lovely home to live in with 5 other artists.

The dogwood and red bud trees were in full bloom. "It's Springtime!" 8x10 oil

We spent one day at Daniel Boone's farm. "Boone's Garden" 11x14 oil

""Flowers and Peeps" 11x14 oil