Monday, July 21, 2014

Furry and Feathered "Helpers"

I live on a partial hobby farm. It's partial because the only farm animals we have are chickens and turkeys. I think we should have a cow, horse, pigs, goats, or sheep to make it an "official" hobby farm. We also have two cats and two dogs. (I like animals.) They're great to have around except when I'm trying to paint or photograph paintings outside.
  My painting backpack makes a comfortable resting spot. The cat's contribution is leaving a furry interior that needs a thorough cleaning before I can use it again.

 This is "Turk" who thinks he should be living in the house with the rest of the humans. He's flown onto my open painting box a couple of times causing havoc as I try to save the painting from his feathers. Here, he's simply showing off.

This looks like a perfectly innocent cat ignoring a painting, but a few seconds before he was rubbing his body against it leaving static-charged hairs. He also knocked a couple of paintings off the stand. If you look to the left of the painting, there's a tall sidelight window by the door. Peeking through the window is one of the dogs.

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