Saturday, July 12, 2014

Let the Summer Insanity Begin...

It's amusing to hear about summer reading lists, places to vacation, and comments about "kicking back"  during the summer months. For me, it's high anxiety time and this year is no exception. However, I wouldn't have it any other way. Summer means lots of plein air painting, art events, and running kids to soccer practices and theater classes.
This year, the craziness began in early May with the 10-day Augusta, Missouri plein air competition/event. Each day was a new competition at a specific location which ended with one artist receiving a purchase prize award of $500. There were 150 artists participating in some or all of the days. I was one of the crazy ones who participated every day. It was awesome! All the artists were friendly even though we were competing for prizes, the event was well organized, and I had a lovely home to live in with 5 other artists.

The dogwood and red bud trees were in full bloom. "It's Springtime!" 8x10 oil

We spent one day at Daniel Boone's farm. "Boone's Garden" 11x14 oil

""Flowers and Peeps" 11x14 oil

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